We don’t copy; we break patterns.

We were the nominees for Delo’s Entrepreneurial Star 2021, the award, which nominated successful small and medium-sized companies based on data from the project’s professional partner, the Agency for Public Legal Records and Related Services (Ajpes).

Our company main challenge is – where to go with the packaging after product consumption. That is why Avantpack is an innovative company leaving a bold statement on the market.

We don’t copy, we break patterns and strive to be different, sustainable and socially responsible.

Today, we offer a full range of packaging. One of our most recognisable products is fruit and vegetable bag, made of biodegradable plastic. These bags can be seen in supermarkets all around the world, and end up as organic waste.

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It started as a one production line and a few employees and this year we are expected to generate more than 35% growth, with more than 80 employees. We are counting on breaking the magic limit of 20 million euros in annual turnover, which also shows exponential growth.

It was an honour to be nominated and recognised as a successful company with great values.

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