More than packaging.

With Avantpack, you’re choosing a quality and service-oriented supplier with in-depth market knowledge of compostable material.

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Your most reliable partner in compostable packaging.

Our mission is to power your business by creating compostable packaging solutions tailored to your needs. Within the process, we make sure to share with you the knowledge we acquired with years of experience in the business and educate you about the range of possibilities you have.
We’re specialized to exclusively produce compostable packaging, and our staff is trained to handle bioplastic only. The strict focus we maintain consequently leads to much higher and consistent product and service quality, while also allowing us to avoid any possible cross-contamination of raw materials.
Flexible to your needs
Full service and support
Reliable packaging solutions
Hi-tech production machinery
Sustainable raw materials

Wide variety of products

Our product range now offers a wide variety of products for service packaging for fruit and vegetables, fish/meat departments, delicatessen, bakery department, carrier bags at the cashier, as well as waste bags, along with programs that we’re developing anew.

Forming a green
production circle

By the use of sustainable raw materials, we form a green production circle that reduces pollution.

We also regularly attain European directives, having the food contact approval, as well as the REACH directive.

Avantpack REACH certificate
Avantpack Sustainable raw materials
Avantpack green production circle

Sustainable raw materials

Our programs and machines are specialized and adjusted to work with bioplastic materials. The products we make are of high quality, biodegradable, compostable, and renewable materials.

Our bags and films will break down to its basic components; water, carbon dioxide and biomass. and blend back in with the earth without leaving any toxins behind. Depending on the thickness of the film, this process occurs in less than 180 days.


Our products comply with standard EN13432 and when composted, turn into simple organic compounds, carbon dioxide, and water in a time period as short as 3-6 months.

Avantpack way towards green packaging

The right way towards
green packaging

While today’s trends are distinctively working in favor of bioplastic, at Avantpack bioplastic is not just a niche segment, it is the mainstream! We always consider what’s for the best interest of everyone involved, so we do everything in our power to establish long-lasting partnerships.

We are here every
step of the way

Our highly-qualified team professionally leads you through the process, advising and supporting you through every phase, down to the post selling service as well. And when it does come down to sales, we’re able to fully cover the needs of our customers and advancing the demands of the market.
  • Service and flexibility
  • Staff know-how
  • Technology
  • Product traceability
  • Seamless workflow integration
  • Multilayer quality control

Working with us is simple

  • 1
    Finding what’s best for you

    We always consider what’s for the best interest of everyone involved, share the knowledge, and experience, to help you take the right way towards green packaging.

  • 2
    Proposing a flexible solution

    We optimize the buying processes for you and are flexible to tailor the shape, print, materials, and durability, and nonetheless, the price according to your needs.

  • 3
    Supporting you throughout the process

    We help you eliminate any technical issues. From the supply chain, the production process, to the products.

  • 4
    Monitoring the launch

    We closely monitor quality and compliance, and improve our product range to help you deliver a reliable and green way to package.

Trusted by the biggest, worldwide

By providing the best quality at a competitive price which also comes with extensive before, during, and post selling service – we’ve proven ourselves as a reliable partner to businesses across Europe.

We’re part of the Pool Pack Group, the largest packaging group in Italy.
Nous faisons partie du groupe Pool Pack, le plus grand groupe d'emballage en Italie.
avantpack poolpack partner

Your business, you, and our planet are at the core of everything we do.