Hi-tech production machinery.

Seamless workflow integration.

Multi-layered quality control.

Hi-tech production machinery.

Our production plant features hi-tech production machinery that is designed specifically for the production of biodegradable products.

Most modern technology
on the market

We use the most modern technology that exists on the market. Our machine inventory is regularly updated and 90% of our machinery is newer than 5 years old.

Seamless workflow integration

Highly flexible

We guarantee a perfect match between customers’ expectations and the actual delivered product.

Short delivery cycles

Such an approach also enables shorter delivery cycles and total system costs.

Use fewer resources

Using fewer resources water, electricity, and producing less solid waste.

In-house knowledge

The knowledge we have helps us fine-tune the machinery to tailor products exactly to our customer’s needs. Details, to which we pay particular attention, are the shape of the cutting blade, serratedness of the cutting blade, the type of blades it has, and its sizes, welding, and more.

Highest quality standards

By constantly monitoring of the quality and safety of our products we ensure compliance with all legal requirements, and protect the end customer.
Avantpack Monitoring product reliability
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product reliability

The multi-layered quality control we have implemented guarantees the uniformity of specification with the end-product. It assures the equal properties of the end-product's performance; both of its print and its carrying capacity.

Only the best materials

We hold the knowledge on how to blend materials to achieve specific elasticity, and as a result, best performance. We’re able to closely collaborate with suppliers, and with them develop novelties that will benefit us all.

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Supporting you
through the process

There are many details that go into planning each type of packaging. We are there every step of the precess.
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