Exporter of the Year 2022 finalist: Avantpack

Avantpack, a finalist for the Exporter of the Year 2022 award, is a leading provider of biodegradable grocery bags in the European market. With a strong focus on sustainable development, Avantpack generates 99% of its revenue through exports and boasts a substantial economic potential with a high value added per employee.

Founded by Vasja Hramec and Melvis Haskić, who leveraged their extensive market knowledge and expertise to transition from commerce to production, Avantpack faced challenges in establishing a dedicated team, securing funding, and acquiring production knowledge. However, with the assistance of Production Manager Sanel Balić and bank loans, based on the company’s solid reputation and previous business success, they were able to overcome these obstacles.

The first customer – Italian pharmacies

Avantpack’s first customer, Italian pharmacies, was obtained after a challenging switch from being a reliable supplier of granulates, to a manufacturer.

With the help of Italian packaging giant, Pool Pack, Avantpack now generates 10% of its revenue from this partnership and receives valuable consulting on strategic decisions. The company’s customer base has since expanded to include retail chains and packaging companies, with the Schwarz Group being a key supplier. With product quality certificates and a focus on flexibility and customer service, Avantpack is one of four licensed suppliers supplying the majority of bags to Lidl.

Future plans

Looking towards the future, Avantpack plans for 20% yearly growth and has allocated a budget of 3.5 million euros for investments in new technology, renovation of one of its production halls, and construction of new facilities in the Kromberk business zone. The company is also pursuing more demanding products, such as biodegradable films for flexible packaging, and plans to start serial production of multi-layer foils mid-next year.

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